Working on Honorarium Abroad Is a Chance for Doctors to Earn a lot without Emigrating

You either feel a sense of belonging to the medical profession or not. The same applies to teaching. However, this doesn’t mean that the people who choose these professions should be put in front of the dilemma – you either do what you like and put up with the low payment or choose some other job that is highly paid but your heart is not in it. 

Physicians and teachers need to feel social recognition for the important role they are performing. They also need to have a living standard that allows them to “recharge their batteries”, feel secure and be able to provide a good future for their children. If these needs of theirs are satisfied, they will be much more effective at work. 

In many countries the educational system and the health care system don’t function well and specialists work under such conditions that put their will to the test. 

Fortunately, there is a very good opportunity for doctors to earn great financial benefits without having to emigrate. 

In Germany clinics have started a practice of offering foreign physicians jobs in the medical field for short periods of time. In this way they solve the problem with the shortage of qualified professionals. Most frequently this practice is applied in the cases when a German doctor has to be substituted during their annual leave or when they are on sick leave. 

There are different schemes of work on honorarium – one weekend, one week, 2-3 weeks or even a month. Foreign doctors can even choose when to take such engagements abroad so that they can combine it with their main job in the country of origin. 

From a financial point of view, this type of employment is highly beneficial – the hourly payment is 180 euros on average. German clinics seek both assistant doctors and specialist doctors for work on honorarium which means that the stage of professional development is not an obstacle for taking advantage of this opportunity. 

The conditions which foreign doctors have to fulfill are two: they need to have an approbation and to be able to speak German at the necessary level. 

Consultancies like Forum der Medizin, specialized in the career enhancement of physicians can help doctors find great opportunities for work on honorarium. What might seem in the beginning as a distant idea or a challenge that is too big to deal with, is turned by consultants into a well prepared plan for actions. Doctors can attain a high standard of living and achieve professional growth without being away from their families and friends for too long.


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