A New Trend: Doctors Seeking Coaching Services

Physicians’ profession offers a lot of benefits but it is also one of the most stressful jobs. Such a career path is usually chosen by highly responsible, hard-working and courageous people. The values and goals of physicians may vary but the desire to help other people is one of the most common drivers for seeking development in this professional field. Many medical specialists, however, find it difficult to search for help when they feel overstressed, exhausted, lost or insecure about the next step in their career.

When you are used to perceiving yourself as the person in charge, it is hard to accept that from time to time you might be the one needing support. Things have changed recently. The number of specialists seeking consultation from competent medical recruitment agencies is rising. It is one of the newest career trends in the medical field.

Physicians who truly believe in the healthy lifestyle know that prevention is better than cure. Such medical specialists prefer to take measures when they feel the tension building in themselves and sense that they have started running out of resources to cope with the situation on their own. It is invaluable to be able to talk with someone who is much more experienced in this field or someone who knows a lot about career changes and has helped many others go through a transition smoothly.

Dealing with diseases, impatient patients, bad relationships with colleagues, feeling stuck in a rut, dissatisfaction with the salary or the work atmosphere…the list with all the possible sources of frustration is a long one.

Sometimes a physician needs to learn some new skills and behavior patterns like being more assertive and confident at the workplace and in other cases a change of the workplace is needed or even choosing another career path. Nowadays doctors can find a well-paid permanent or temporary medical job in Germany or any other country in the EU.

Spending money on professional advice will pay off later in the form of becoming a better specialist, finding a new medical job, earning more money and feeling satisfied and healthy since the level of job satisfaction has a lot to do with the level of happiness and the health status of a person.

 It is advisable to search for consultancies like Forum der Medizin which have specialized in the medical field. These consultants are experienced in helping physicians clarify what is best for them taking into consideration their core values, strengths and personal drivers in order to make the most appropriate career change.

Author: Mariya Dim

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